We are a company dedicated in making high end drums using the best materials. We source the best wood and metal to create a high performance sound. We select exotic, tropical woods from the Amazonian region and work with metals such as stainless steel and aluminum. Our drum making team love their work and maintain an exceptional quality of workmanship.


Our research is based in obtaining the best sound from tropical wood drums.  For this we have developed a method of working the wood using high precision antique lathes.  We produce drum shells that are hard and thin (7-8mm), made in 8 parts cut from same piece of tropical wood, and this results in an incredible resonance, pleasant tone and assertive sound. Our hardware is made using high quality metals that are solid, cut to our own design, and harmonize aesthetically and structurally with the other materials of the drum.


We do not use any coating materials within our drums.  We believe that revealing the natural beauty of each material - aluminum, wood and stainless steel - is the result of good taste and complements with the incomparable sound of our drums; they are a unique piece, worth collecting.


Back in 1996, somewhere in South America, Veon Drums started by making drum modifications and some basic percussion instruments. Influenced by the splendor of nature and music, and of course, our own success, we progressed into building mostly snare drums.  It was not until 2001 that we increased our range and made our first drum set prototype.


In 2007, after several years experimenting with different materials and configurations, we released on our first 100% custom made drum set. We believe organic evolution has allowed us to bring to the world genuinely new instruments, in terms of both manufacturing and sound. Veon Drums is a small company which gives us a flexible advantage to express everything we have learned in our drum's adventure.


C. Franco Melchiorri



Thank you for your interest in Veon Drums. 



Veon Drums is a company inspired by the great designs of the past; we are captivated by the natural beauty that surrounds us and inspired to make music. We are dedicated to creating drums using tropical hardwood and high precision machinery.  What matters most to us is creating drums that give the best possible sound and we are passionate about what we do.


How do we develop designs of extreme simplicity but with extreme quality of manufacture and sonority?



All of our shells and Hardware are carefully crafted using antique lathes and traditional methods of construction, giving them a vintage look, natural finish and superior sound. We use some of the most antiquated machinery that is used in industrial production, such as metal lathes, mills and saws. We have a dedicated team of experienced people working behind those machines who guarantee the finest workmanship and finish.



What we like most is to work with the best materials in their natural state, avoiding the use of any paint, chrome or any other layer that can cover the natural beauty of metals and woods; you can verify this in all the separate parts that we make in our workshop. Some of the parts, like drum heads and hoops, are not manufactured by our company, but we create more than the 70% of the drum, and the 3rd party products fit perfectly with our design.



We recognize that wood selection is one of the most important parts of drum shell construction. We have dedicated years in research - and still do - to bring to the drummers the finest sound generated by the woods of the tropical forests of South America. Our wood selection has outstanding characteristics in their tones and resonances, sustain, harmonics and beauty, all these mixed and well balanced in a sound of a superior drum set.


This is the Standard Specification for all Our Drums!

Exotic Woods From Amazonas:

SPANISH CEDAR (Cedrela odorata) JANKA Rating 650

 TEAK (Tectona Grandis), JANKA Rating 1150

JATOBA (Hymenaea courbaril) JANKA Rating 2690

IPE (Handroantus serratifolius) JANKA Rating 3550

Handcrafted shells made  with High Precision Old Machinery

Solid 8 Staves construction with 7mm to 8mm, Thin shell

Satin Oil Finish  (100% tung Oil)

Sharp 45˚ bearing edge to the inside rounded over to the outside (top and button)

Veon Formula Bearing Edge and Snare Bed

Available in different diameters and depths!

Selected Noble Metals: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or Brass:   

 Veon Custom Solid Aluminium / Stainless Steel TubeLugs (Proprietary Lugs)

 Veon Air Vent  (Proprietary Air Vent)

Veon Stainless Steel Badge w/ serial number

Trick Throw-off machine

All stainless steel internal screws!

Stainless Steel tension rods (7/32" Dia. Thread 12-24 UNC.)

Remo Ambassador Drum Heads

2.3mm Triple Flange Drum Hoop Chrome plated

Puresound Snare Wires 20 strands, Custom series


Standard shells and finishes are guaranteed free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (2) year from the original date of purchase to the original owner shown on invoice. All drum hardware is covered under this warranty for a period of three (3) year from the original date of purchase to the original owner shown on invoice.


The following conditions and limitations will apply on all Veon Products:

This warranty does not apply to:

-Any owner other than the original purchaser.

-Any defects caused by unreasonable use, neglect, moisture and/or temperature extremes, handling, shipping, or accidents.

-Drums that have had any unauthorized alterations or modifications, or whose serial number has been altered or removed.

-Natural wood finishes or normal color changes of wood or other materials.

-Drum heads and sticks.

-Incidental or consequential damages that arise as a result of or related to a defect in or failure of  Veon products.

-Normal changes in wood grain, fading of color and/or aging of lacquer finish or any Hardware.

-Products not manufactured by Veon Drums such as Internal Microphone Systems and/or other custom installations.


Our Commitment:

We believe in our customers and that is why we give our word of commitment that we will be 100% available and willing to solve any inconvenience in the event that you need our assistance.

Rest assured that you have a product backed by a team of professional workers.

Just as you believe in a Veon Product, we also believe in our customers and that is why we continue to strive for quality products to increase their confidence in our products.

Should you have any questions about a replacement or repair, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, we will respond by providing the instructions to start the process of return by guarantee.


Veon drums Shells tend to darken over the years, just as the Aluminum and Stainless Steel Lugs tend to adopt a natural grayish color and the Brass tends to turn brown. These are called "Patinas" and are acquired naturally by the aging.  Those are typical characteristics of the behavior of these metals and woods with the passage of time.


We suggest not to polish the pieces but to rather leave them to adopt their natural color when aging, this will make each piece made by Veon Drums adopt their own personality and gain a value from the aging that cannot be emulated from the start.


After understanding the nature of these drums, you should still maintaining, and cleaning your drums regularly. For this we suggest to use a slightly moist cotton cloth with a solution of water and liquid soap (a few drops of liquid soap per 250ml of water will be OK).


Try not to use any strong detergent or petroleum derivative that may affect the surface of the drum, or any abrasive or oily product.



Enjoy it!      


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